The data cleansing team has finished the quality control.

Yesterday, Kadaster Bonaire thanked the Data Cleansing team, who helped us with the quality control of Kadaster and Openbare Register Bonaire’s data for a year. We are immensely grateful to this team and wish them success in their next projects.

Recognition of two ex-employees, Kadaster Bonaire

Last Friday we have handed placards to two ex-employees, who were unable to attend the festive event on the 21st of May for their contribution to Kadaster Bonaire for the last 60 years. Both employees Mr. Otilio (Papa) Melaan and mr. Richard Janga have worked at Kadaster Bonaire for over 40 years. It was a […]

Kadaster Bonaire 60th anniversary celebration

Last weekend we had the amazing opportunity to celebrate our 60th anniversary with our employees, families, colleagues, companies, and other invitees. We are grateful for the trust through the years and hope to keep serving the community for many more. Kadaster Bonaire, rightfully yours!